1-6. ‘Hawke’s Notes: A Message for Medusa, Time’s Jest, Out of the Ecliptic, A Rose for Methuselah, Dire Straits, Ice-Needle’, Jeff Hawke's Cosmos, Epilogue, in press.


7. ‘The Last Recount’, Jeff Hawke's Cosmos, Epilogue, in press.


8. Review, James Dunham, “The Helena Orbit”, Shoreline of Infinity, in press.


9. Review, Jack Fennell, ed, “A Brilliant Void”, Interzone, accepted.


10. Review, Angus McAllister, “Cyber Puppets”, Shoreline of Infinity, accepted.


11. Review, Kim Stanley Robinson, “Red Moon”, Shoreline of Infinity, accepted.


12. Review, Temi Oh, “Do You Dream of Terra-Two?”, Interzone, accepted.



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