1. Review, Daniel Bennett, “Requiem for an Astronaut”, ParSec #3, in press.


2. Review, Stephen Baxter, “Galaxias”, ParSec, accepted.


3. Review, Neil Williamson, “Queen of Clouds”, ParSec, accepted.


4. Review, Darrenn Speegle & Michael Bailey, eds., “Prisms”, ParSec, in preparation.


5. Review, John Dodd, “Ocean of Stars”, ParSec, in preparation.


6. Review, Edward Ashton, “Mickey7”, ParSec, accepted.


7. Review, Chris Hadfield, “The Apollo Murders”, Concatenation, sccepted.


8. Review, Jane Yolen, “Midnight Circus”, Shoreline of Infinity, in preparation.


9. Review, Ian Whates, ed., “No More Heroes”, ParSec, accepted.



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