Editorial and Critical



Part-time tutor in Astronomy, English Literature and Language, and Creative Writing, International Correspondence Schools, 1995-2008.


Marr College Magazine (school): Sub-editor, 1962, Editor, 1963.


Space Outlook, (European Space Association): Editor, nos. 1-4, 1977-79.


Spacereport, (ASTRA, quarterly): Editor, 1981-82, editorial committee, 1986 onwards; Editor, June 1991-1995, 2001, 2004.


Asgard, (ASTRA, occasional), on editorial committee, 1990 onwards; Editor, November 1991 to 1999, July 2001, June to November 2002.


New International Spacereport, No. 2, November 2002.


Edited: “Starfield: science fiction by Scottish writers”, Orkney Press, 1989. Contributors include Edwin Morgan, Naomi Mitchison, Alasdair Gray, Chris Boyce, Angus McAllister, Archie Roy and Donald Malcolm, plus Glasgow Herald competition finalists (see below.) Cover by Sydney Jordan, introduction by Angus MacVicar. Trans. Fenix, Poland; paperback Shoreline of Infinity, May 2018.


(with Gerry Cassidy) co-edited: Space and Scotland, pilot edition, October 2016, Vol. 1 No. 1, December 2016, No. 2, March 2017, No.3, June 2017, No.4, October 2017.


Science fiction critic of The Glasgow Herald, 1971-1985. Fiction reviews for Interzone, 2008-ongoing, Concatenation, 2008-ongoing, Shoreline of Infinity, 2015-ongoing, ParSec, 2021-ongoing.


Profiles of Brian Aldiss and Chris Boyce for the Glasgow Herald, Chris Boyce profile reprinted in Invention Programme Book with Bibliography, 1983; appreciations of Anne McCaffrey for Albacon 85 Programme Book, Joe Haldeman for Albacon III Programme Book (1986), Harry Harrison for Xiicon Programme Book (1986), Chris Boyce for Albacon 87 Progress Report. Contributor to “Twentieth Century Science Fiction Writers”, St. James Press, Chicago, 1985 (one essay, on Charles Chilton); 3rd edition, eds. Noelle Watson & Paul E. Schellinger, 1991 (three essays, on Charles Chilton, Naomi Mitchison, Joe Haldeman). Interviewed Sydney Jordan, “The Elements of Time” launch, Troon, September 2017.


Organiser, the Glasgow Herald/Albacon SF short story competition, 1986-92. Winners published in The Glasgow Herald with introductory articles. First three winners and four of first three years’ runners-up appear in “Starfield” (see above); another runner-up with introductory article in Albacon 87 Programme Book; one winner with introductory article in “New Writhings in SF”, Glasgow SF Writers Circle, 1988.


Organiser of book review panels for various science fiction conventions, likewise poetry readings (also for 1st Edinburgh Science Festival). Guest of Honour, UNICON 1, Keele University, 1980, LUCON 1, Leeds University, 1988.

‘Space Notes’ begun Astronomy Quarterly, Astronomical Society of Edinburgh, continued in Spectrum, Space Outlook, and Second Look, 1977-79, New Moon 1990-92, and Jeff Hawke’s Cosmos, 2003-2018.


Occasional nonfiction book reviews for the Glasgow Herald, Space Policy and Concatenation; ‘Shelfspace’ nonfiction reviews for Space Outlook, 1977-79, Spacereport, Asgard, Cosmic Aspects, Jeff Hawke’s Cosmos 2004-2017. Drama review, Jordanhill College, May 1983.


‘Lance McLane summary’, commissioned by Sydney Jordan for Lucca exhibition catalogue, 1998.


‘Hawke’s Notes’ for Jeff Hawke’s Cosmos, magazines, Supplement and books, 2003-2020; illus. Sydney Jordan, Ed Buckley, Gavin Roberts, David A. Hardy et al.


Introduction, Neil Williamson, ed., “Thirty Years of Rain”, Glasgow SF Writers’ Circle 30th anniversary anthology, September 2016.


Introduction, Michael S. Collins, “By the Dying Tree, a collection of horror shorts”, The Other Side, 26th June 2017.


‘Beginners’ Astronomy’ articles, Orkney News, weekly, 2021-ongoing.




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