PUBLISHED WORK – to  22nd August 2016






Books and book-length work:


1. “Man & the Stars, Contact and Communication with Other Intelligence”, Souvenir Press 1974; hardcover and paper in UK, USA and France, paperback in Spain & Greece, serialised in Holland and Japan; illus. Ed Buckley and Gavin Roberts. Second book in preparation.


2. “New Worlds for Old, The New Look of the Solar System”, David & Charles, 1979, hardcover in UK and USA; illus. Ed Buckley and Gavin Roberts. Second edition in preparation.


3. “Man & the Planets, The Resources of the Solar System”, Ashgrove Press, 1983, hardcover and paperback, imported to USA; illus. Ed Buckley and Gavin Roberts. Second edition in preparation.


4. Photo-archive (16,000 images), Glasgow 1990 Press Centre, European City of Culture, 1991.


5. 800-page correspondence course in GCSE English Literature, International Correspondence Schools, 1998; specialist topics including Lord of the Flies, Pride and Prejudice, Macbeth, She Stoops to Conquer, war poems and love poems, supplement on poetry of the Spanish Civil War.


6. “Children from the Sky, a speculative interpretation of a mediaeval mystery, the Green Children of Woolpit”, Mutus Liber, May 2012; illus. Sydney Jordan.


7. “The Stones and the Stars: Building Scotland’s Newest Megalith”, Springer, November 2012.


8. “Incoming Asteroid! What could we do about it?”, Springer, November 2013.


9. “Waverider, A Spacecraft in Waiting”, in preparation.


Contributor to 13 other nonfiction books, most recently “Science Fiction and Reality”, The World and I Online, April 2013.


1233 articles and papers published, in press or in preparation. Book reviews for The Glasgow Herald, 1971-1986, occasionally thereafter; Space Outlook, Spacereport and Asgard, 1977-2003; Space Policy, occasional; Interzone and Shoreline of Infinity, 2008-ongoing, Concatenation, 2008-ongoing, Cosmic Aspects, 2011-2012; critical notes and occasional reviews, Jeff Hawke's Cosmos, 2003-ongoing. Multiple reprints, some up to 8 times; many translated (German, Spanish, Italian & Slovenian).


Shorter articles include monthly astronomy column 'The Sky Above You' for various newspapers and magazines 1983-93, restarted thrice-yearly in Jeff Hawke’s Cosmos, 2003, ongoing; monthly in Dalyan Kingfisher, Turkey, 2005; monthly in Cosmic Aspects, online 2011-2012, Ayrshire Post, 2012-ongoing, Troon's Going Out, 2014-ongoing; quarterly in Wyldwood Radio Magazine, 2013-ongoing, The Word on the Streets, 2014-ongoing.







1. "Starfield: science fiction by Scottish writers", edited for Orkney Press, 1989; trans. Fenix Publications, Poland. Cover by Sydney Jordan, introduction by Angus MacVicar, contributors including Alasdair Gray, Naomi Mitchison and Prof. Edwin Morgan, and winners of the Glasgow Herald competition (see below).


2. Gary Gibson, ed., “With Time Comes Concord and other stories, by Duncan Lunan”, Brain in a Jar, March 2012.


3. “The Elements of Time”, Shoreline of Infinity, 7th September 2016, illus. Sydney Jordan.


Contributor to 15 other fiction anthologies inc. "Comets", ed. Asimov, Greenberg & Waugh, 1986; "Warrior", ed. J.E. Pournelle, 1986; "The Drabble Project", ed. Meades & Wake, 1988. Most recent: Fabio Manini, ed,, “Jeff Hawke, Lance McLane H8866, H9454”, collector’s edition Vol. 1, “Jeff Hawke, Lance McLane/2”, Rosellini's Foundation of Popular Literature, Senigallia (AN), Italy, May 2014 and November 2014; William Rudling, ed., “Earthspace”, Jeff Hawke Club, June 2016; Neil Williamson, ed., “Thirty Years of Rain”, Glasgow SF Writers’ Circle 30th anniversary anthology, in press.


38 short stories, novellas & novelettes published, in press or in preparation to date including 10 stories for 'Lance McLane' comic strip, Daily Record, drawn by Sydney Jordan, DL stories 1982-88, syndicated internationally, published in book form in Italy and now being reprinted in Jeff Hawke's Cosmos. Most recent prose story ‘Last Days in the Nanotech War', Shoreline of Infinity No. 2, December 2015. 8 prose stories reprinted, up to 5 times; 6 translated (German, Italian, Slovenian & Polish).


Five-part novel series "The Phoenix and the Aesir", in preparation.


Science fiction critic of The Glasgow Herald, 1971-1985; organiser, Glasgow Herald annual SF short story competition, 1986-1992, winners to date and some runners-up in "Starfield" above; SF reviews for Interzone, started 2008, Concatenation, 2009-2015, Shoreline of Infinity, started 2015.


Annual 'Science Fiction & Writing' class (20 weeks) at Glasgow University Dept. of Adult & Continuing Education, 1986-93.


Former Active Member, Science Fiction Writers of America; founder member, Glasgow SF Writers' Circle, 1986, continuing to present; member, Authors’ Lending & Copyright Society; Chairman, Troon Writers’ Group, 2016.



Editorial and Critical




Contributor to: "Twentieth Century Science Fiction Writers", St. James Press, Chicago, 1985 (one essay, on Charles Chilton); 3rd edition, eds. Noelle Watson & Paul E. Schellinger, 1991 (three essays, on Charles Chilton, Naomi Mitchison, Joe Haldeman).


Editor, "Starfield: science fiction by Scottish writers", Orkney Press, 1989. Contributors include Edwin Morgan, Naomi Mitchison, Alasdair Gray, Chris Boyce, Angus McAllister, Archie Roy and Donald Malcolm, plus Glasgow Herald competition finalists (see below). Cover by Sydney Jordan, introduction by Angus MacVicar. Trans. Fenix, Poland.


‘Hawke’s Notes’, in William Rudling, ed., “The Martian Quartet”, Jeff Hawke Club, 2004; revised second edition, Jeff Hawke Club, 2009; third edition 2016.


‘Hawke’s Notes’, in William Rudling, ed., “The Lunar 10”, Jeff Hawke Club, 2007.


‘Hawke’s Notes’, in William Rudling, ed., “Earthspace”, Jeff Hawke Club, 2016.


‘Introduction’, in Neil Williamson, ed., “Thirty Years of Rain”, Glasgow SF Circle 30th anniversary anthology, in press.


'Hawke's Notes' in William Rudling, ed., “Jeff Hawke Jnr.”, in preparation.


Contributor to: “Jeff Hawke/Lance McLane collector's edition, Vols. 1 & 2”, Rosellini Foundation for the Popular Arts, Italy, 2014.



Newspapers and Magazines:


Marr College Magazine (school): Sub-editor, 1962, Editor, 1963.


Space Outlook, (European Space Association): Editor, nos. 1-4, 1977-79.


Spacereport, (ASTRA, quarterly magazine): Editor, 1981-82, editorial committee, 1986-2011; Editor, June 1991-1995, 2001 and 2003.


Asgard, (ASTRA, occasional journal), on editorial committee, 1990-2011; Editor, November 1991 to 1999, July 2001, June to September 2002.


Science fiction critic of The Glasgow Herald, 1971-1985; SF and nonfiction reviews for Interzone, started 2008, Concatenation, 2009-2015, Shoreline of Infinity, started 2015.


Profiles of Brian Aldiss and Chris Boyce for the Glasgow Herald, Chris Boyce profile reprinted in Invention Programme Book; appreciations of Joe Haldeman for Albacon III Programme Book, Anne McCaffrey for Albacon 85 Programme Book, Harry Harrison for Xiicon Programme Book, Chris Boyce for Albacon 87 Progress Report.


Organiser, the Glasgow Herald/Albacon SF short story competition, 1986-92. Winners published in Glasgow Herald with introductory articles. First three winners and four of the first three years' runners-up appear in "Starfield" (see above); another runner-up with introductory article in Albacon 87 Programme Book; one winner with introductory article in "New Writhings in SF", Glasgow SF Writers Circle, 1988.


Organiser of book review panels for various science fiction conventions, likewise poetry readings (also for 1st Edinburgh Science Festival). Major interview by Steve Sneyd on poetry in science fact and fiction, Fantasy Commentator, Winter 1993-94. 2-part interview by Michael Collins, Winterwinds, 2011; interviews by Gerry Cassidy, The Word on the Streets, 2014, Paul Cockburn, Shoreline of Infinity, December 2015.


'Hawke's Notes' for Jeff Hawke's Cosmos, three times yearly, 102 essays to date, 2003-ongoing.


Nonfiction book reviews for the Glasgow Herald, Space Policy, Interzone, Concatenation; ‘Shelfspace’ nonfiction reviews for Space Outlook, 1977-79, Spacereport and Asgard 2000-2003, Cosmic Aspects 2011-12. Drama review, Jordanhill College Magazine, May 1984.





Extensive talk, lecture and broadcast experience: registered STEM Ambassador (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) since December 2006, with Enhanced Disclosure. Major engagements include IBM Heathrow Conference, 1987; Edinburgh International Science Festival, 1996; World Science Fiction Conventions (Los Angeles and Glasgow) 1984, 1995 and 2005; Scottish Power Planetarium, Glasgow Science Centre, October 2003 and February 2004; MENSA UK Annual Conference, 2015.


Other engagements include the Mid-Argyll Cosmological Institute Conference, 1975; launch of the IBM Personal Computer, Renfrew, 1982; Ancient Astronomy Conference, Third Eye Centre, Glasgow, 1978 (chaired); Environmental Sciences Society, Stirling University, 1987; London Astronomy Show, Lincolnshire Astronomy Weekend, Elgin, Alloa and Bute Writers' Circles, Motherwell Civic Centre, Summerlee Heritage Centre, Ferguslie Park ‘Write Stuff’ Festival, University of St. Andrews 'Cosmos in Architecture' conference, Friends of Clydebank Museum, Rosehall Community Centre; Rotary Clubs of Glasgow, Renfrew, Johnstone and Irvine; Clydebank Local History Society, British Rocketry Oral History Programme (later UK Space) conferences, West of Scotland Radio Society, Troon Arts Guild, Cardonald Library, Ayr Carnegie Library, Royston Public Library; Arran, Bridge of Weir, Girvan, Glasgow, Kilmarnock, Renfrew, Saltcoats and Skelmorlie Workers Educational Associations; Astronomical Societies of Aberdeen, Airdrie, Ayrshire, Blackpool, Bute, Cardiff, Clydesdale (made Honorary member), Dumfries, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Glasgow University, Helensburgh, Highlands, NASA Johnson Space Centre, Norwich, Offa’s Dyke, Paisley, Scunthorpe, Stirling, St. Andrews University, Sunderland, Troon, University of Keele, and West Kintyre, monthly lectures at Airdrie Arts Centre 1997-2008, yearly at Blackpool Astronomical Society to 2012. 565 talks to schools and community groups, North Lanarkshire Astronomy Project 2006-2008.


10-week 'Interstellar Travel and Communication' course, Glasgow University Adult Education Department, 1973; 20-week Astronomy and Space course, Troon Learning Centres, Marr College, October 2012-March 2013.


Organiser of numerous conferences and exhibitions, most recently ‘Victorian Astronomy’ and ‘History of Astronomy in Scotland’, Airdrie Public Library, conference June 2006, seminar and exhibition 2008; ‘Spaceflight Then and Now, Historic Space Posters’, Glasgow Science Centre, December 2008; ‘Moon Landing Anniversary’ exhibition, Hillhead Public Library, July 2009; ‘Incoming Asteroid!’ conference, Bridie Library, Glasgow University Union, October 2012.


Council Member, the Association in Scotland to Research into Astronautics Limited (ASTRA), 1963 to 2010. Treasurer 1964-66, President 1966-72, Vice-President 1973-76, Treasurer 1977-78, President 1978-85, Secretary 1986-89, Acting Treasurer ‘89, President 1990-97, Treasurer 1997-2006, Secretary 2006-2007, Treasurer 2007 to 2008, Secretary 2009-10, Vice-President 2010. On publications committee 1970-2011; Exhibitions Organiser, 1970-2011, including ‘High Frontier’ and ‘Urban Spacemen’ touring exhibitions; Waverider and Light-Sail technical committees, 1982-2011; Acting Curator, Airdrie Public Observatory, 1980-81, Assistant Curator 1987-97, Curator 2002-2008. Chairman, UK Space Development Council, 2002-2003; Treasurer, Mars Society UK (Scotland), 2002-2005.


Chairman, ACTA SCIO educational charity, 2011 to present; Astronomers of the Future Club, 2011 to present; Troon Writers’ Group, 2016, ongoing.



BIOGRAPHY: Born Edinburgh, Scotland, 24.10.45. Grew up in Troon, Ayrshire; lived in Irvine 1975-1982, Wishaw 1982-83, Glasgow 1983-2012; returned to Troon April 2012. Married Linda Joyce Donnelly 1975, divorced 1984; married Linda Taylor, April 2010.


EDUCATION: Marr College, Troon, 1956-63; gained SCE Higher English (A), French (A), Science (C), Latin (B), Maths.(A), O-grade History, Arithmetic.


University of Glasgow, 1963-68; gained M.A. (Honours.) in English and Philosophy, with Physics, Astronomy, French and Merit Certificate in Logic, 1968.


University of Glasgow, 1983-84; gained postgraduate Diploma in Education, with merit and exemption.


Sighthill College, Edinburgh, 1969-70; passed first year of postgraduate Diploma in Management Studies, converted to Scottish Vocational Educational Qualification in Business Management, Scottish Training Foundation, 2000.





1. Temporary Assistant Librarian, Craigie College, Ayr, summer 1964.


2. Management trainee and researcher, Projects Dept., Fisheries Division, Christian Salvesen (Managers) Ltd., 1969-70; in charge of Quality Control, Easton Cold Store, summer 1970.


3. Manager, Glasgow Parks Dept. Astronomy Project, March 1978 - December 1979 (designed and built first astronomically aligned megalith in Britain for 3000 years, supervised creation of 'High Frontier' touring exhibition, etc.).


4. Photo-archivist (under contract), Glasgow 1990 Press Centre, (European City of Culture), June 1990 - March 1991, created 'This Is Us Since Hogmanay' touring exhibition.


5. Part-time tutor in Astronomy, English Literature and Language, and Creative Writing, International Correspondence Schools, 1995-2008.


6. Precognitions Agent, Mullane & Co., Solicitors, August 1997 to spring 1999.


7. Manager, North Lanarkshire Astronomy Education Project, March-June 2006, January-June 2007, August 2007 to January 2009. Nearly 700 events including school visits, Observatory visits, observing nights, exhibitions etc..


Otherwise self-employed author, researcher, lecturer, tutor, editor, critic and broadcaster, as above.





See ASTRA, ACTA SCIO and Glasgow SF Writers’ Circle above, and ‘Folk Music’ below.


Secretary, Vice-President, then President, Irvine Junior Chamber of Commerce, 1977-1980.


Chairman, Argyle Local Housing Association Tenants’ Group, 2002 to September 2006, Vice-Chairman 2006-2010, Chairman 2010-2011.


Committee Member, Glasgow Visual Arts Forum, 2003-2005.


Committee Member, Troon Community Council, 2014-15.


Chairman, Troon Writers’ Group, 2016.



Other major interests


Ancient and mediaeval history, classical music, jazz, folk music, hillwalking.


Designed and built Sighthill stone circle, Glasgow Parks Dept. Astronomy Project, 1982. Organised and navigated aerial archaeology flight, west of Scotland and inner Hebrides, 1982.


Compère, Prestwick Folk Song Club, 1965; Organiser, Irvine Folk Song Club, 1966-70, 1972; Prestwick Folk Song Club, 1967-68, 1972; Troon Folk Song Club, 1972.


Co-organiser, Stevenston Folk Song Club, 1968; Western Gailes Folk Song Club, 1972; Troon Folk Song Club, 1975-81.


Arranged Scottish tours for Martin Wyndham-Reed and Vera Johnson, 1980-82. Organised evenings of readings and music commemorating the launch of Sputnik 1, Yuri Gagarin’s flight and the Moon landing for Cottier's Theatre, Glasgow, October 1992, April and July 1993, and at Satellite 1 convention, October 2007; ceilidhs for several Glasgow science fiction conventions including World Conventions 1995 and 2005; acoustic and folk concert, ‘Save Our Stones’ campaign, Mitchell Library, Glasgow, July 2013.


Unaccompanied traditional singer; founder member, Traditional Music & Song Association of Scotland. Folk music articles and reviews for local papers, 1965-81, Glasgow University Magazine, 1965, and for The Glasgow Herald and The Broadsheet, 1984; most recent, review of David Proffitt Memorial Concert, Portsmouth, for The Scottish Folk Diary, January 1990.


Several folk music parodies on science fiction/fantasy themes and more serious songs, four of them ('Space and Scotland', 'The Falklands Arthur Macbride' with John Braithwaite, 'Hercules' with Linda Lunan, 'Mythcon XV' with Leigh Ann Hussey), in Gytha North, ed., "The Old Grey Wassail Test", Beccon Publications, 1987. ‘Campaign Song for Dark Skies’, International Spacereport, June 1994; reprinted Scottish Astronomers Group Magazine, July 2002.


Numerous Burns Supper engagements, most recently for Glasgow Housing Association, Royal Concert Hall, 2006 and 2008; International Welcome Club, Glasgow University, 2009-2012.