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Duncan at Newgrange 2011 - photo by L Lunan


Welcome to my website, being updated in May 2017. It was created by my wife Linda, and but for her ongoing efforts it would not be here. Linda and I married in 2010 and in 2012 we moved back to my home town of Troon, on the Ayrshire coast, where Linda used to come for holidays and weekends.  


I have been a full-time writer since October 1970, as well as a researcher, speaker, broadcaster, editor, critic, tutor, and other aspects of the written, sung and spoken word.   As of July 2017 I’ve published 9 books, mostly recently The Elements of Time at left), with another coming out in paperback and three more in preparation.   I’ve contributed to another 33 books, and published 38 stories and over 1410 articles.   My main field is astronomy and spaceflight, I also write science fiction, and I have a broad range of other interests, particularly ancient and mediaeval history and folk music.   I grew up in Troon, went to Glasgow University, and I ran folk clubs in Ayrshire for 16 years before moving to Glasgow for 30 years, returning to Troon in 2012.   I was an office-bearer of ASTRA, then Scotland’s national spaceflight society, from 1962 to 2011;  I was a curator of Airdrie Public Observatory off and on for 18½ years between 1980 and 2008;  I was Manager of the Glasgow Parks Astronomy Project, on which I designed and built the first astronomically aligned stone circle in the UK for 3500 years, and of the North Lanarkshire Astronomy Project, which did major work in schools between 2006 and 2009.   If you want to know more about any of that, it’s in my Bio  and Published Work.


As a writer I’m often asked if I write under my own name (in my field, it would be pretty silly not to), or if the name I write under is really my own.   Lunan is in fact a good old Scots name, and our family of Lunans have an interesting  history, dating back to the 14th century, when an ancestor bought ‘the lands of Lunaine’ in Aberdeen.  My mother’s background as a Fortescue is still more distinguished, dating back to the Barons le Fort who were kings of Paris in the 9th and 10th centuries, but others have researched and published the Fortescue history so thoroughly that I don’t need to.


Topics are organised here under the titles of the books that they relate to, so if you’re looking for my work on the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence, you’ll find it under “Man and the Stars” and “Children from the Sky”;  the Waverider spacecraft and Project Starseed are under “Man and the Planets”“Incoming Asteroid!” speaks for itself;  and for the big idea that underlies them all, this link will take you to the latest version of ‘The Politics of Survival’.   The stone circle project is under “The Stones and the Stars”; the circle has now been removed for housing development in the former Sighthill Park, but it is to be recreated nearby and you can support the petition to save it at Change org Sighthill.     ‘The Sky Above You’ covers my regular astronomy articles, broadcasts and courses available.   The ‘Science Fiction’ heading takes you to my two previous SF books and my involvement in the Jeff Hawke Club (www.jeffhawkeclub.co.uk), among other topics;  among all that, I hope you find something of interest.   If you would like a talk on any of it, “Talks and Events” page gives the list that I currently have available.


If you are looking for the supposed "Black Knight" satellite, about which I am misquoted on a great many websites, you will find the facts under Black Knight and the fuller context under Man and the Stars.



Please also take a look at Linda's website at:   www.anluchtlonrach.net




Above is a picture of Duncan and Linda with (late) Akong Tulku Rinpoche on the day of their wedding in the Chenrezig shrine room at Samye Ling on the 20th April 2010.